Technologies to increase online visibility

Kasia Zwolak-Szwechowicz

Mobilizing p. II – Don’t leave it only to the activists

Tudor Bradatan (Declic, Romania), Olga Popescu (Declic, Romania)

Data visualization (level: advanced)

Nino Macharashvili

TAKE FIVE Why 5-Minute Brain Breaks Bring Productivity & Joy, Or, The New Smoke Break

Susan Comfort

Data visualization for beginners

Neema Iyer

How to make „good propaganda”

All you need is a smartphone

Kasia Zwolak-Szwechowicz

All you need is a smartphone part 2

Kasia Zwolak-Szwechowicz

Activists not Robots. Fighting Burnout in Times of Crisis

Anna Kuliberda

Welcome to the MEGAPHONE Podcast!

How satire connects us

Borna Sor

Burnout among activists

Susan Comfort

Mobilizing for change

Avnik Melikian

Online harassment in court

Klára Kalibová

Optimising for rapid change

Tudor Brădățan (Declic)

Fighting with disinformation

Kateryna Kruk